Monday, June 1, 2009

Twitter on Blogger - Easy

One of the things I put on my TODO list for today was to get my Twitter updates showing on my new Blogger blog. I new it was possible but I had experienced some frustration using Blogger's own Gadget configuration screens, which had several twitter gadgets, of which none seems to work.

So I Googled 'Twitter on Blogger' today and got winning results straight away. I found this Blogger Buzz blog post and the official Twitter Blogger Gadget Badge page, which got me working very fast.

Once again though, it is sometimes harder to use Google services inside of a Google service. Google has provided a platform for these Gadgets whose success means that assets built on that platform are all over the web. Just as well we have Google (the Search service), but I might try to let the blogger team know about this particular issue anyway.


  1. Hi Ben, here's Ton from just the other side of the world (NL). From this post or your blog (nice info!) I still wonder: can someone follow your (or any) blogger by twitter? I see RSS and e-mail subscribe options, but no twitterbird. Did you find out?

  2. Wordpress makes more possible. I'm moving my blogs to Wordpress. Thanks anyway.

  3. Thanks for doing this and leaving it up -- it's just what I needed. And you're right, it's easier to find blogger info out in the Google general population than it is to find it inside Google's help.