Monday, June 1, 2009

Adding a Site Map to a Blogger Account

To add a site map usable by the Google indexing bot for your blog, log in to Google Webmaster Tools, and, assuming your site is already verified (mine was automatically, I guess this is the benefit of running a blog on Google's own platform), you can specify a site map in the site maps section of the site.

Since Blogger does not allow you to create an upload a file to use as a site map, you need to the point the Google indexer to at your ATOM full posts feed. This can normally be found at

For example:


I worked this out from this blog post, which was a bit dated but still allowed me to get the gist of the procedure despite seemingly massive changes in website naming.

This CuteWriting blog post was more up to date (and has a lot of great background information) but added up to the same thing, with an extra proviso if you are using RSS feedburner for your site's feeds (which I will not dwell on here).

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