Friday, October 9, 2009

More updates to My Web Brain

I have made some new updates to My Web Brain. My Web Brain is a GTD ('Get Things Done') web application I have been developing across the past several months.

Many of the changes were not be visible to you as a user. Some of the updates you may notice are:
  • You can now register interest on the welcome screen if you would like to be informed when the service officially launches.
  • The Setting tab has been moved to the utility menu at the topmost right of the page. 
  • A first pass of the terms of service are now available.
  • Action URLs have been migrated across to the new, shorter versions.
  • The space where enter the title of your thoughts, actions, reference items and someday/maybe items has been expanded. 
  • From the settings page you can now nominate whether you naturally use month- or day-first short date formats.
  • You can now elect to process and reprocess individual thoughts from the thought detail screen.
  • When processing thoughts, the new action, reference item or someday/maybe item now has the thought's title by default.
  • Numerous other stylistic or ease of use changes.
There is still a lot of capability to be provided for this application, including the addition of topics, projects, search, RSS feeds and other exciting features. This set of updates was designed to focus on the ease of use of the existing features. Many of the changes were directly inspired by my own daily use of the tool.

There will a brief hiatus to the updates across the next month while I am in holiday in North America.  Try out My Web Brain when you get an opportunity and let me know your problems, suggestions or feedback in our My Web Brain Google Group.