Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Welcome and an Introduction

The below welcome message seems dated today and not completely accurate. I leave it here for posterity!

Hello and welcome to my new blog: Fuel For Fusion. In this blog I intend to talk about (and hopefully contribute meaningfully to) development in the enterprise, with a technical emphasis on ColdFusion and web applications in general.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ben Davies, and I have been working with ColdFusion in an enterprise environment for just over 6 years. I'm the Lead Systems Developer on the Vale Inco Goro Nickel Project, where I have had a fantastic opportunity to test myself and try new and exciting things.

I have ideas I would like to make a reality, so I have set up a consultancy to help fund some time for private projects. Consultancy based work is challenging but rewarding. I enjoy having control of my own professional development and getting more opportunities to see different businesses, workplaces, problems and solutions.

I'm very interested in software development. Or did you already get that impression?

I hope you enjoy my blog. I have learnt a lot from the blogs of others - especially in the past few months as I have made strong effort to stay up to date - and I hope I can contribute something back.

If you have any comments about feel free to leave them against the entry or contact me directly using the contact details on this page. Ciao!

Opening New Windows with the Method

I was reviewing the do's and don'ts of opening new browser windows using javascript when I came across this useful (and possibly ancient page about the the method in javascript and how it should be applied.

I am recording the page address here since it brought up many useful considerations that otherwise do not seem to get much attention in code examples.