Monday, June 22, 2009

Learing Google Scripts

Over at my other blog 'Learning Technical Stuff' I am starting to investigate Google Scripts:
Google Web Scripts gives users a new level of control over Google products. Now you can access and control Google Spreadsheets and other products via JavaScript scripts you can write yourself and share with others. Unlike browser-based JavaScript, the scripts you write run directly on Google servers in order to provide direct access to the products they control. [from here]
Google Scripts is essentially to Google Docs what VBA is to the Microsoft Office suite - a mechanism to automate functionality previously available through manual interaction. Like VBA, Google App Script is probably going to find a niche use among power users. Unlike VBA though, your Google Scripts live and execute 'in the cloud', making them an interesting service from my perspective.

By extending the Google platform into Google Scripts I think Google is reaching farther than ever into the user space with a programmable platform. Scripting or automating interactions with our own data in the cloud is probably one of the first stepping stones to bringing thought and awareness to the web as I talk about in my previous post.

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