Saturday, June 20, 2009

A New Vision for Helium 3

I run a small company - Helium 3 IT Solutions -and lately I have been quesitoning the guiding vision behind its formation. It was targeted at the Enterprise and making the Enterprise a more efficient, open and transparent place throught the power of information.

As I end another contract though I must admit the mostly conventional world of enterprises - and their frequently traditional Enterprise 1.0 constraints - is not as exciting as it once was. Or rather, I think Helium 3 IT Solutions needs a muse, a driving vision, a narrower niche. Something to drive the internal projects.

I take some inspiration from Google. Their vision, 'to organise the world's information' is a simple and powerful vision which not only brings direction to their many projects but is the rationale for many more. Make no mistake, Google is essentially an advertising company; But it is an advertising company that turns a profit by benevolently opening up and delivering the information of the world to the world and creating value around that information.

And here is a disclosure I need to make: I am now a confirmed Google fanboy.

My new vision for Helium 3 is to bring awareness and thought to the web -or to be on the cutting edge of that movement. In the far future humankind may one day immortalise itself by not only extending human life through technological innovation but also by changing the meaning of what it is to be human. In the shorter term, I see the continual improvements in information technology as not only mastering the collection, distribution and storage of information but also begin to capture human knowledge as it is exists in our thought processes. Gradually, slowly, we will automate everything practical that was previously considered unique in human cognition.

So Helium 3 will work to bring thought and intelligence to the web. It is a lofty goal but one that I think provides a healthy direction and focus to the company.

Certainly the above needs to be codified and clarified. I will concentrate on expressing the above intent better. But I am putting this out there so anyone can let me know what they think about this vision for my company.

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