Saturday, May 30, 2009

Import from WordPress completed!

Yesterday I was casting about for a way to import Wordpress blog entries into Blogger. After continued research I concluded that the tool by Zeaster was the only hope. I had some concerns about running random executables on my hardware so I spun up a separate VM as a (very) basic level of protection.

The good news is that after some fiddling with the settings and restarting the application (which seems to be required for the settings to be read correctly) I managed to perform my blog post imports.

Here are my notes about non-obvious parts of the settings:

WordPress Account

WP URL: This is the address of your blog (and your xmlrpc.php file) including the protocol (http) like so:

Blogger Account

Username: This is your full blogger/google username, in my case consisting of my full gmail email address including the ''.

BlogId: As Zeaster comments on his page, this is the ID of the blog that can be seen in the address of a specific blog's admin pages after 'blogID='

For the curious, here is a picture of the main interface of this import/export tool:

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