Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sorting through your Actions in My Web Brain

My Web Brain now has additional options for filtering through your actions on the Actions screen, and a new 'cancelled' state has been added for actions you choose not to complete.

For a long time the Actions screen has been the unloved cousin of the Today screen. Yes, it had a listing of your pending actions, but so did the Today screen. From the Today Screen you could also quickly register thoughts and filter by context, so it was difficult to imagine why people would use it. I rarely did.

But while the Today screen is very useful for day-to-day (or, in my case, hour-to-hour) use, sometimes I want to view completed actions, or see which actions are in a specific topic. After all, why have topics if you can't organize a view to show just the one topic you are presently interested in?

Understanding the serious shortfall in functionality, I recently released some enhancements to the Actions screen which make it more relevant. Above the listing of actions on the Action Screen you can now see a statement describing which actions are being shown. Clicking on the context, topic or status links allows you to set a different set of filters. Clicking the update button refreshes the Actions Screen to show just the results you have chosen.

Another small enhancement is the addition of a cancelled state for actions. Lets face it, sometimes we miss the opportunity to perform an action before it becomes irrelevant. Other times we change our mind. Setting an action to cancelled allows you to remove the action from pending actions, without inaccurately reporting it as complete.

I hope you enjoy the new functionality of My Web Brain. There is still a lot of other features I would like to add. As someone who uses it each day, I've come to rely on the tool and am only too aware of some of the rough spots. If you have any problems with My Web Brain, would like to suggest a new feature or report a bug, please go ahead and speak up in the My Web Brain Google Group.

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