Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Web Brain 0.20 available for testing

Release 0.20 of My Web Brain is now available for testing. There are not a lot of user visible changes in this release. Of note:
  • Session cookies are now user specific
  • The HTML markup is now validated (HTML 4.01 Strict) and in content-first markup order for users with screen-readers
  • A draft privacy policy has been added
  • URLs that include the context, like the Today page, are more readable
  • Basic paging has been added to action lists
  • The default form field on a page automatically receives the focus without being selected
  • New actions have the current context assigned by default
  • There have been a few small stylistic changes

There are still a lot of features and polish to add to the web application. I hope to post the next release in two weeks.

If you have any feedback or comments please go ahead and leave them at the My Web Brain Google Group. If you want to be kept informed of developments, you can subscribe to the My Web Brain news feed.

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