Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Web Brain in development, making progress

My Web Brain, my company's upcoming web-based GTD application, is in development and progressing well. Click here for existing blog posts about the project.

The initial application structure is in place and around 50% of the core functionality has been implemented in some form or another.

'implemented' is a relative word, since I am intentionally keeping many functions more simplistic than I eventually envisage in order to release something quickly to the internet community for feedback (and also to prove to myself there are no hidden gotchas in the Google App Engine hosting experience).

The aesthetic and artistic component of the design is a work in progress. I quickly determined I could easily spend too much time tweaking the design prior to having an application to host it, so I created an initial basic design and moved on to functionality. At the moment the design is very simple, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

This development has avoided writing any Javascript or incorporating any AJAX techniques so far. I want to ensure the application is workable in script-less browser environments, such as those encountered by screen-readers and the security conscious.

This is my first major experience with Python and I am enjoying it immensely. As I run into problems whose resolution I believe might be useful to others, I am blogging about them in my personal blog, You can also find other technical information there which probably came to my attention from working on this project.

I am a firm believer in web development through iteration and feedback, so I am keen to release shortly a very early version of My Web Brain to the public Google App Engine *.Appspot servers. Expect this to happen sometime in the next week. This release will be a development release only, and not for general use.

The first litmus test following that release will be when I attempt to use it for my private and professional use, which I am sure will highlight many issues that will help me prioritise the most important features for further development.

If you want to know anything else about the project, please let me know.

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